Challenge Ice-cepted! #ALSIceBucketChallenge x

 Actual spoilers! Long ago, i saved an awesome gifset. Today i had free time, so I made this. I wish this could happen :P 

Cockles Week Prompt Fill


So, super-harkness suggested “Jensen as a trainer in a gym and Misha as new member who wants to build up some more muscels. They could work out together, maybe shower, sauna and hot sex :)”

And I wrote a rather lengthy and somewhat sex-less fic focused on Misha’s state of mind:

Redefining Freedom

Then I figured people probably just wanted porn, so I wrote this:

Personalized Attention


A continuation to the college/waiter!Dean AU. 


Castiel’s life has gotten a lot more complicated since Dean and him started dating. See, he still comes to the diner every day and sits at his usual table, curled up on his favorite armchair, laptop charged and ready to get to work — but for the life of him, he just cannot seem to get anything done around Dean.

It’s frustrating and wonderful at the same time, because every now and then (more now than then, if he’s being honest) he’ll sneak glances at Dean, and whenever the other catches him looking, he’ll just give Castiel this very distracting wink (it’s obscene, really) and carry on serving people like it’s nothing, while he has to sit there, all flustered and red in the face, like a schoolboy who doesn’t know how to deal with a crush.

Of course, Gabriel (his older brother) thinks it’s hilarious, but that’s because he has always been a bit of an assbutt, and Castiel has no idea why he even bothered to tell him about his predicament. He should have known he’d only make fun of him.

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