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You're beautiful!
23 April 2014
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Dan and Phil + sleeping

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23 April 2014
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Somehow, he ended up on Tumblr. 

Curiosity getting the better of him, he guided his mouse over to the tag box in the upper right hand corner, his fingers hovering expectantly over the keyboard.  He chewed on his bottom lip and then, without thinking too much about it, he typed in the word ‘cockles’. 

A hundred different things popped up on the screen, blocks of text, color gifsets.  He snorted softly as he began to browse through the information, at all the things the internet had found, claiming that there was some kind of relationship between him and Jensen.  There was a post about the ring that Jensen had given him, and something else about their time spent in Rome.  He blushed as he remembered the details of that trip, something that he would hold close to his heart for as long as he lived. 

His mouse hovered over a gifset, one of him and Jensen on stage at various events.  In each gif, he noticed that he had unconsciously reached up and rubbed the back of his neck, all the while staring at Jensen as though he had put the sun in the sky.  He sucked in a breath and chewed on his bottom lip, blinking in the dim light of the room.  He had never noticed that he did that around him.  Frowning, he moved on to another gifset, this time, one of him laughing around Jensen.  He found himself smiling at his own face, at the warmth and love that radiated from his every movement. 

“Wow…I’ve got it bad…” he murmured to himself.  He scrubbed a hand across his chin and sighed. 

Next to him, Jensen stirred.  He opened one eye and stared up at Misha.   

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23 April 2014
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23 April 2014
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Imagine Dean and Cas making out in bed, getting hot and heavy. Cas on top of Dean, dry-humping. Then Dean grabbing Cas’ ass and biting his jaw before kissing his way up to his earlobe and whispering “who’s been a bad boy?” And Cas all of the sudden stops, rolls off Dean, sits up looking miserable and says:

“It all started when I stepped on that fish…”

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23 April 2014

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INDEED!! jensen x misha’s butt is pretty much canon ;)…

yes! tbh it’s really hard for everyone to resist slapping this butt (x)

23 April 2014

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This gif is very relevant to our thoughts about Jensen and Misha’s butt.

23 April 2014
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Tenth DoctorPlanet of the Dead

wendigoindahouse said
when jensen saw that butt for the first time, he mostly thought 'hnngh asdkfljsblkgfbskl' and then thought 'I'm gonna get me some of that ass'. Then he proceeded to flirt by slapping it a lot, because he is actually 12 years old. misha totally knew what was going on so he wore his tightest jeans and spent a lot of time dropping things on purpose until jensen finally snapped, pulling misha against him, kissing him thoroughly and sliding his hands down misha's pants. yep. that's how it happened


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no regrets.